Avery Mingus Yulan Storms, artist and musician, was born in Portland, Oregon, and has since lived in Texas, Tenessee, and currently Baltimore. As a young kid in a car seat, he spent long road trips through the Smoky Mountains filling sketchbooks with fantastical, fully illustrated sagas inspired by Tolkien. Since then, he's attended various art schools and is currently studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art, practicing general fine arts and focusing on comics. He has had work in various shows and galleries, including the Dallas Museum of Art, and was recently nominated for the Eisner Scholarship Award.



Avery Storms is a multidisciplinary artist with an illustrative foundation, focusing on visual narratives and sequential art. Whether through graphic novels, paintings, films, or music, Storms strives to create layered works that can reveal something new each time they are experienced. Hidden characters may inhabit scenes, tucked away in side-effects of the medium. Storms' manner of embracing the coincidental contributes to a sense of the humorous. His comics favor huge, expansive sagas, and he believes in the vast potential that graphic novels have to develop an immersive world.

Storms’ paintings and illustrations draw from a number of influences, namely the freedom with which historical and contemporary styles are combined in cartoons. Storms emulates this freedom, offering a glimpse at the endless technical possibilities of each piece, while bringing each to a definitive resolution. Often the most important part is a funny detail, something raw or irreverent. When these quirks are placed next to areas rendered in a careful, labor-intensive way, these aspects lend fullness and poignancy to the depicted world.

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